Wrong Decisions As Usual

So the past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking and decided to withdraw from services (Mersey Care) as when I’m not feeling right I make wrong decisions, so my latest decisions recently is to withdraw from services because I feel like a hassle, in the way, an inconvenience, things like that. So I’ll see how I… Continue reading Wrong Decisions As Usual

Am I Being Deceived ?

  I always question why many people try and deceive me, or they’re not genuine towards me, for example people I may meet from online, when I meet them in person, they have a non-genuine side and want to try and take advantage because I may seem vulnerable or something. I don’t know why though,… Continue reading Am I Being Deceived ?

My Stay In Broadoak

I’ve finally got around to writing about my stay in Broadoak unit. I was detained under the mental health act (section 2), so I was there for a month (28th Aug – 27th Sep). It’s the second time I’ve been at Broadoak, the first time was only for few days. I’ll just explain, how this… Continue reading My Stay In Broadoak

Psychiatrist Review

Just writing about my latest psychiatrist appointment / review (it was 20th Dec) and as always it went well, simply because my psychiatrist is very understanding. Also present was my CPN and someone from Mersey Care PALS team (patient advice liaison service). They’re always brilliant in supporting me, and usually attend my psychiatrist reviews. I… Continue reading Psychiatrist Review

Vulnerable And Naive

Vulnerable and naive are words I’d use to describe myself anytime I meet strangers from online occasionally… Anyway, the latest person I met online was a few weeks ago, we had only been chatting a few days, and then I agreed to meet him in person. I thought ok he seems like a pleasant person,… Continue reading Vulnerable And Naive

Arranged Marriages

I often wonder how my life would have been if I went through an arranged marriage without knowing the person properly, just to please my parents (I was in my 20s then), I know a few people who did do that and their marriage worked out perfectly and they’re still together. But, sometimes you just… Continue reading Arranged Marriages

Tough Times Ahead

So the past couple of weeks have been difficult for me, not really mentioned it to people apart from my psychiatrist a couple of days ago. The only few great things that’s happened recently is Mersey Care related (e.g I went to volunteer induction etc). That’s about it really, my positive feelings and uplifting mood… Continue reading Tough Times Ahead