This Time Last Year

On this date (28th Aug) it’s been exactly a year since I was last in hospital (I was sectioned)… The point is, I’m realising the difference from last year and this year. For example, last year I was in hospital 5 times (Clock View twice, Broadoak twice, and the Priory in Cheadle). The reason I… Continue reading This Time Last Year

Started Volunteering

So, yesterday morning (9th May) was my first time doing some volunteering in Mersey Care NHS FT, it was a big step for me and I finally felt proud of myself. The person who helps me with any volunteer opportunities attended the location with me, just so that I wouldn’t be nervous or shy for… Continue reading Started Volunteering

Wrong Decisions As Usual

So the past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking and decided to withdraw from services (Mersey Care) as when I’m not feeling right I make wrong decisions, so my latest decisions recently is to withdraw from services because I feel like a hassle, in the way, an inconvenience, things like that. So I’ll see how I… Continue reading Wrong Decisions As Usual

My Stay In Broadoak

I’ve finally got around to writing about my stay in Broadoak unit. I was detained under the mental health act (section 2), so I was there for a month (28th Aug – 27th Sep). It’s the second time I’ve been at Broadoak, the first time was only for few days. I’ve already written a post… Continue reading My Stay In Broadoak

Psychiatrist Review

Just writing about my latest psychiatrist appointment / review (it was 20th Dec) and as always it went well, simply because my psychiatrist is very understanding. Also present was my CPN and someone from Mersey Care PALS team (patient advice liaison service). They’re always brilliant in supporting me, and usually attend my psychiatrist reviews. I… Continue reading Psychiatrist Review