Starting Lithium Soon

Just a quick post. Wondering anyone who takes Lithium, what are their thoughts and importantly their feelings and effects ? My psychiatrist (he’s the best !) agreed with me to let me try Lithium soon, I’m quite anxious about it, I’ve never had Lithium before, but I discussed it with him to see what his thoughts are. I’ve tried many different anti-psychotics and anti-depressants over the years even going back to 1992.lithium

I have a heart murmur which I was born with, so my psychiatrist sent me for an ECG a few days ago to make sure everything ok with that, and I had a blood test also before I start Lithium, and my CPNs (I have 2 of them) are monitoring my mood and risks leading up to my starting Lithium.

It looks like I’ll be having a few blood tests now when having Lithium. I really dislike any kind of needles, so that scares me. When it comes to needles I act like a little cry baby. Every couple months I always have to have a Vitamin B needle, I hate that too.

Even the big bruising whenever I have needles makes me cringe.

PS I was talking to someone the other day on the phone about medications, and she said “are you taking Lithuania”, and I was trying so hard not to laugh because when I laugh I never stop, I just had to say “don’t you mean Lithium”.